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Care Information and Advise

  • Please be aware that all mattresses and beds will require regular maintenance, please refer to the manufacturers recommended care advice and instructions.
  • Mattresses will require regularly turning to ensure the best comfort and life, Please not that non turn mattresses still require monthly rotation to ensure even settlement and comfort.  The risk of never turning a mattress will result in greatly reduced life and cause failure within the mattress.
  • Please note that all mattresses will have a certain degree of settlement, this is normal as mattresses are designed to support and cradle the body which will cause the mattress to curve and contour to your shape.
  • Any mattresses put on to an unsuitable base will void the warranty or guarantee, all mattresses require a base that is sound and free from defects.
  • Please note that slats are required to be fastened tight and free from large gaps or movement.
  • All bedsteads can work loose after a period of time, because of this we advise that you regularly check that all screws are tight and free from movement.
  • Please note that all furniture will require to be fastened sucurely to the wall to stop any risk of toppling over.
  • please be aware that all mattresses require a mattress protector as advised by the manufacturer. 

Mattress Sizes

Single – 3’0″ / 90cm wide and 190cm long

Small Double – 4’0″ / 120cm wide and 190cm long

Double – 4’6″ / 135cm wide and 190cm long

King Size – 5’0″ / 150cm wide and 200cm long

Super king – 6’0″ / 180cm wide and 200 cm long

Types Of Mattresses


Open Coil Spring Unit

With this type of spring unit most of the support comes from the fillings layered on top of the springs. These springs are all linked together restricting the springs ability to support the body.  This type of spring unit can be found in budget to middle end of pricing.

Pocket Sprung Units

With this type of spring unit, all the springs are independent allowing full movement to contour to the body.  This spring unit is superior to open coil because as the spring unit can contour to the body to help  relieve pressure points.  This type of spring can be found in middle to higher pricing.




2 Drawer Base


4 Drawer Base


2 + 2 Drawer Base

Gel Technology

New gel foams work similar to a memory foam, however the advantage of Gel foams is that they are a cool system to use in a mattress as this technology helps disperse the heat that can be retained by standard memory foams.


Latex is a great filling for a mattress as this is a natural product and adds that feeling of cushioned comfort and support, latex docent tend to retain as much heat as standard memory foams so great for a comfortable s sleep.


Remember if you can’t find what you want to fit your requirements, just call us at the store (01553) 77513.  We have loads of suppliers that stock far more than we can put online.  So if we haven’t got it we can most likely source it for you.








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